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[ LOG ] Learning The Truth

who; Thalassa [lovingmagic] & Zak [heirtomagic]
when; a little after their unfortunate meeting including Valant.
rating; G - PG? Mild amounts of sad ):
format; log, but since this was impromptu AIM RPing (shutup, that's why the beginning is funny), we're continuing in comments now because it applied to the pwdr :)
summary; Thalassa decides to approach Zak after their conversation, but Zak is too distressed after experiencing the people he has in here. She attempts to make him feel better, but can she?

Thalassa: [ brings some cake over for Zak and vanilla tea. Zak was so sad that she spent some time baking so she could cheer him up a bit. ] Zak? Look what I made.

Zak: ... [ glances at the tea and the cake, raising an eyebrow ] ...!

Thalassa: [ Wanted a moment alone after that terrible argument on her arrival and smiles at him ] You like this cake don't you? There's such a lovely kitchen here. [ sets it down on the bedside table ]

Zak: ... [ Watches her for a moment, his cape draped over his arms, much like his young daughter's cape does when she's upset ] ... Why are you doing this, Miss? [ For the moment, he refuses to call her Thalassa. That name is reserved for his wife, and it's angering him more and more to see this woman here, with her face, with her mannerisms, everything about her that made him fall in love with her in the first place. ]

Thalassa: !! "Miss"?! [ actually looks offended by that, and folds her arms across her chest ] Is my name so hard to remember? [ she's of course, acting like the young Thalassa who had just returned to the Troupe after her loss-- and she sighs and moves over to sit beside him ] Did I upset you, Zak? [ They're friends, aren't they? Well-- at least where she comes from anyway ]

Zak: ... [ And what, exactly, is he supposed to say to that? With his eyes closed, he looks away from the woman, unable to take the cake and tea from her, no matter how much his stomach protests to being hungry ] ... I'm not talking about it, so it's no use asking.

Thalassa: [ looks mildly hurt. Even before she got married, Zak was someone she trusted and enjoyed being around. Why, even now before she arrived, he was about to tell her something important, and she'd been excited about it, but... ] ... I did, then? [ unsure of what she did, she looks back down at her hands on her lap and sighs ] It would be pointless of me to apologize if I didn't know what to apologize for, wouldn't it?

Zak: [ Shakes his head, his eyes closed ] It's nothing I should worry you with, miss. Trust me when I say you're better off not knowing.

Thalassa: Zak!! [ now she looks completely hurt and moves a hand over her mouth ] Si-since when did you start calling me 'miss'? [ Zak's treating her like a stranger and it's hurting her, especially since she-- they, well...] ... Why wont you tell me? Just... just because I married him? Just because I can't remember where they are now? Have I become that disgusting to you, Zak?

Zak: [ He bristles at that and forces himself to his feet, making way for a room that he can be alone in. The magician doesn't offer her an answer, a glance, or even a thank you for bringing him cake and tea. Instead, he completely brushes her off, a pain in his chest throbbing with each passing second. It hurts too much to see her, to know what happened, and to have this woman so completely unaware. There needs to be time.. time for him to get his head before he can worry about where to go or what to do from here. ]

Thalassa: [ She's never seen Zak like this, and it scares her. Biting down on her lower lip, she looks down for a bit, before standing up and walking up behind him ] Wait. Zak... Just wait one moment. Please. [ It's stinging her that the one man she's cared for for so long is turning his back on her, and she moves a hand to his shoulder from behind, hesitantly ] ... There are just two things I want to know. I promise I wont bother you again after them...

Zak: [ Hesitates as she asks, his hat falling forward on his head to hide his eyes. There's barely a glance over his shoulder when she mentions the questions... but he doesn't move. Instead, he just looks forward, keeping his eyes trained on the door in front of him ] All right.

Thalassa: [ Doesn't move her hand away, stepping up behind him... then she moves up to his side, so she can face him.] First... please tell me... [ she sighs softly, looking up earnestly at his face ] How long has it been in your time since you last saw me? [ that's the only reason she can imagine Zak being so cold to her. Perhaps he's from a particular time that made it so, though he did embrace her, then...why? She waits until he's answered before asking her next question. ]

Zak: [ He swallows heavily, unsure of how to answer that for a moment. His hands slip on his hips until finally they rest along his sides. His shoulders hunch forward, eyes closing ] The last I saw you.. It was a few years ago. Almost eight, to be exact. [ That pink cape settles around his frame once more, draping across his chest underneath the club brooch. ]

Thalassa: [ Her eyes widen. Eight years?! No... no wonder. But then... she pauses, her eyes watching his face for any sort of reaction. She doesn't ask what happened with them in that time, instead asking her original question. ]... I see... [ shifting slightly, she looks down for a bit. Then, after what seems like forever, she asks in a soft whisper ] ... Then... when I had returned... after I'd had that accident... when all of us were together again, you... [ she looks up ] You said you'd wanted to tell me something. For me, it was this very evening that you would tell me... and you asked me to meet you in the garden. [ her gaze grows sadder as she recalls it ] What was it you'd wanted to tell me, Zak? Those years ago, for you?

Zak: [ He remembers that night. Oh god does he remember that night. After he'd amused her with a few tricks, a little sleight of hand that he'd learned from Magnifi that the master had not taught Valant, he had let his guard down for the first time in perhaps his entire life. And indeed, the last time he ever would. But had known Thalassa well enough to know that she would remember what he was like at his core, and it's what drove him on through their relationship. Sure, he was a jerk, and at times he probably said the wrong thing to her (most likely made her cry a couple times before apologizing), but he was never exceedingly abusive. ] ... Ah. [ Pushing his hat off of his head, he ran a gloved hand over his bald head, tugging at the few strands of hair that fringed his skull ] That was an incredibly long time ago... [ he hesitates, then continues ] I ... was going to tell you that I loved you. That I had waited for your return.

Thalassa: [ The fact that he's balding is enough sign to how much time has passed for him, and her eyes widen when he speaks. He's really-- he really did? Then, that means that if she were to return home... the thought brings a smile to her face, her cheeks warming. That means Zak is... he really feels the same way! Her hands move under her chin and she looks down, feeling oddly giddy despite herself, but then she pauses, looking up at him in worry ] Zak... I... [ her heart is beating so fast she thinks it's going to explode ] I didn't... reject you, did I...? [ Oh heavens, that would explain everything. ]

Zak: ... [ At that, Zak can't help but let out a dry laugh, looking over his shoulder at Thalassa, though he doesn't let her see his full expression. The magician is keeping his guard up for now. He's not sure if he can trust her as she is. ] No. You accepted and we dated for a while.. [ His eyes shift to the ground now, and he replaces his hat upon his head, tapping it into place ] We ended up married, had a daughter named Trucy..

Thalassa: [ her expression changes to one of shock. She married him, after everything that happened with her first? She finds herself blushing, and then, hesitantly, she reaches out and touches his arm, circling around him so she can stand in front of him, looking at him with a look of guilt and a hint of hope despite herself. ]... I'm so sorry, Zak... after hearing that... you have every right to be wary of me. [ Moving a hand over her chest, she closes her eyes ]... Is... Trucy? Here...? [ looks up at him ]

Zak: [ Steps back when Thalassa puts herself in front of him, holding up his hands to keep some distance between them. He keeps his eyes closed, not wanting to look upon this stranger with his wife's face. ] Trucy's here, but she's not mine.. Different versions, different girls. [ hesitates, opening his eyes and glancing to a far wall ] None of them seem too happy with me, not that I could blame them.

Thalassa: [ that gesture stings her but not as badly as it would have before she'd found out about this one's future. However, she can't help but be curious and watches him with a questioning gaze ]... Why aren't they? I'm sure you'd make a lovely father, Zak.

Zak: ... [ She's always had a special influence on him, and before he can stop himself he, in his surprise, finds himself telling her the whole story. About her death, Magnifi's death -- he still things Valant killed him and won't find out until the yellow-clad magician tells him otherwise. He goes on to explain how he dealt with not only her death but Magnifi's as well, the trial, the disappearing act, and then the few years he spent in hiding, playing poker at various world-renowned clubs to built a reputation... and about the man he heard rumors of. A certain lawyer turned hobo, a one Phoenix Wright. He stops just short of telling her about his hatchling plan to bring him down, however. He's still working out the kinks to that. ]

Thalassa: [ She doesn't hesitate even for a moment as she listens to his story, standing there as he speaks and paying close attention. Every word he says shocks her-- so much has happened to this Zak that she finds herself having been right. He isn't the one she knew, and more so because of this. Even though it's not something pleasant, she still listens, taking in all the information until he's done, looking down at her joined hands. Some points have made her want to cry and with none of this having happened in their world, it's even more horrifying ]...

... [ when he's done, she looks up, her eyes wet, but herself bravely holding herself together. ]... Then... because of our family, that lawyer... he lost his job?

Zak: [ He stays quiet for a moment and then nods, his hands falling down to his side ] Yeah. From what I hear he's making a nice living as a poker player at the Borscht Bowl Club, so he's not hard off. [ And with that, he snorts, stepping away from Thalassa once again and making his way to the door ] He adopted my daughter; she has no further use for me.

Thalassa: That's not true! [ She looks up in surprise, then walks over, stepping by his side again ] Zak... I might not be the one married to you, but I refuse to believe that any child would have 'no use' for their own parent. I found my son, in this place-- and even though he's older, he still wants me as his mother! [ her face colors slightly at the thought of Apollo ]... No child should be without their real parents... [ touches his arm again ] Please, you can't fool me with that. You miss her too, don't you?

Zak: ...! [ He watches her for a moment, for once not happy that she's got that hopeful air about her and wishing that she'd give it a rest already. He grinds his back teeth, crossing his arms over his chest and turning his back on her once more. ] Perhaps you weren't listening to what I told you. I abandoned her. I left her alone in a court house and went on my way. There's no chance of her forgiving me for that. [ There's a growl in his voice now ] It's just as it should be.

Thalassa: That's not what I'm saying! [ Her voice is trembling slightly, and she attempts to compose herself, her hand moving back to his upper arm and attempting to get some sense through to him ] Zak, it was a mistake and anyone can see you realize that. She's your daughter. You wont know until you talk to her.

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